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Becker Traffic Assist 7914

Becker Traffic Assist 7914
Цена: 389.00лв.

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Becker Traffic Assist 7914 Features:

‣The low-reflection, high-contrast 3.5'' TFT touch-screen display features four large pressure-sensitive panels for navigation, music, images and preferences along with a brilliant map display
‣Maps can be viewed either in 3D or 2D and are easy to read thanks to 16-bit colour depth and 65,536 colours
‣Destination entry: Alphabet and selection list; entry/selection via touch screen; entry of postal code, house number, junctions, and special destinations (airports, hospitals, service stations, railway stations, hotels, restaurants, sports stadiums, etc.)
‣Route selection: shortest/fastest route, with/without motorways, with/without toll roads, with/without ferries
‣Intermediate destination mode: Optional entry of intermediate destinations
‣Speed Limit: Graphic display of legal speed limits; acoustic warning when limit is exceeded (adjustable)
‣Dynamic navigation, route calculation according to selected profile: normal car, fast car, slow car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian
‣Displays arrival time, travel time remaining and distance to destination
‣Music files stored on the SD card can be listened to via the MP3/WMA player on the headphones in unbeatable Becker sound quality
‣A picture viewer allows displaying photos stored as JPG and BMP files, making it compatible with most digital cameras
‣USB 1.1 socket
‣Standard spare battery (for increased operation time)
‣Internal speakers: 2 watts max
‣Alerts user definable from 2,000 to 200 metres.

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